Solana - $SOL


👉PASSWORD – 1234
🌟 How to install: 🌟

✅Download ExLoader

✅Open RAR – File

✅Open the EXE-File

Be sure to turn off anti-virus.

About soft:
Solana NFT minter with some nice features:
multithreaded ( you can use as many threads your pc/server can handle. Python + selenium )
multi wallet ( you can add as many wallets as you need, for those rare drops with 1 tx per wallet)
captcha support ( will be added)
proxy support (each thread has its own proxy)
anti rug and scam safety mechanism
You can set how much is the Mint and the bot won’t accept bigger transactions. Those shitty rug pulls won’t be able to clean your wallet . ( been there and its not nice at all to see all your sol being taken in 1 second)

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