Decentraland (MANA)


Decentraland bot | decentraland gameplay | decentraland bot mana | farmbot hack / cheat earn money

Download Script + Executor:
Password Archive: 2022

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👉 In the video, I showed how to install the program, as well as how to use it.
🍘 Decentraland NFTbot –

🉑 Game: – “Decentraland (2021 year)”
🉑 Music – “NEFFEX – Things Are Gonna Get Better”

🉑 How do install Decentraland NFTbot?

🔸 1. Open the official website of the developer (
🔸 2. Scroll down and find the “download” button
🔸 3. Unzip to any folder (password – 2022)
🔸 4. Run “NFTbot.exe” and import “engine.dll”
🔸 5. When bot ready to work, press “y” to start autofarm
🔸 6. In the first half hour you will see the result!

• Adobe Audition CC (2019)
• Adobe After Effects CC (2020)
• Adobe Photoshop CC (2021)
• Adobe Premier Pro CC (2019)

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