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Bitcoin Pumping! The Big Short is Coming!

I’ve been telling you for the past five days bitcoin price will continue pumping! I was bullish on the price of bitcoin because I was bearish on the DXY. My technical analysis was based entirely on one ring and so far that has played out exactly. While we have seen quite a pump for btc, the price will start dropping soon. I have been preparing you for this big short while giving you clues how to play this. We are setting up for the final bull trap before the next major crash taking bitcoin down another 50% as bitcoin has not bottomed. My 2022 bitcoin price prediction is we are in a bear market and the bitcoin bottom is not in. We need one more major crash before the next bitcoin bull run can begin. These bitcoin charts give exact price targets for entry points longing, shorting, buying and selling bitcoin for spot swing trading as well leverage and futures trading.

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Simulated Bitcoin & ETH leverage trading Bitget Tutorial

I have Insider information on CPI data. Bitcoin huge pump incoming! 1.49 – 2.40

Pi Cycle Bottom Indicator is WRONG! Bitcoin bottom is $10k 16.36 – 18.14 / 19.19 – 19.29 / 19.51 – 20.42

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