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Chainlink price prediction – LINK will likely hit $50

Chainlink price prediction 2022. Link coin looks good to hit $50 per coin. But this should drop to $1-3 in the bear cycle. Buy at the right time and this could be an easy 50x on your money. However there is one major flaw in the Chainlink crypto ecosystem and that is it’s centralised. Currently LINK powers most of Defi. One exploit and this could collapse all of DeFi. That’s no exaggeration. It could be destroyed overnight. Assuming that doesn’t happen and Chainlink coin is a winner. Watch as I explain all in this Chainlink price prediction.

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I am not a financial advisor and the information provided is simply my opinions. Remember to speak to a financial advisor before making any significant investments.

TLDR – Link crypto coin likely to hit $50 as you’ll see in this Chainlink price prediction
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