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Cosmos ($ATOM) – Internet of Blockchains | Review | CryptoRobin

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0:00 Intro
0:27 What Is Cosmos?
1:09 The technology behind Cosmos
1:40 Tendermint
3:01 Cosmos SDK
3:26 Cosmos IBC
4:28 Gravity DEX
4:41 $ATOM
6:29 Conclusions
7:11 Outro


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📝What Is Cosmos? 📝
Cosmos is an ecosystem made out of multiple blockchains that can communicate between them, similarly to Polkadot and its parachains.

💭Cosmos Technology💭
Cosmos prices the independence of the network’s blockchains. This means it is solely in charge of its security and has its own validating nodes.
Cosmos technology has three main features: Tendermint, which is the consensus protocol, SDK, and Interchain Blockchain Communication protocol or IBC.

💰Tokenomics 💰
The native currency of Cosmos is ATOM, with an infinite supply, similarly to Ether, and a circulating supply of 238 million. The market cap is relatively small for a project of this type with only 6,4 billion dollars.


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