Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland MANA vs The Sandbox SAND

Understanding Metaverse Tokens

Video Content:
Intro 00:00
MANA / SAND Market Cap and Total Supply 00:21
Technology of MANA / SAND Tokens 00:55
What is the Metaverse? 01:15
Different aspects of Metaverse 02:21
Token Economics in Metaverse 04:01
Decentraland Metaverse Platform 04:48
The Sandbox Metaverse Platform 08:47
MANA / SAND Market Cap Trends 12:15
MANA / SAND Price Trends 13:00
Ending 14:11

What is a Metaverse?

What is Decentraland?

What is The Soundbox?

What is MANA?

What is SAND?

What is LAND token?

Use of NFTs in Metaverse.

Facebook’s announcement to rebrand itself to $Meta had an immense effect on the existing Metaverse players. Two existing Metaverse tokens $MANA of #Decentraland and $SAND of The #Sandbox experienced a rapid increase in market cap.

Both these coins grew 6-8 times in just one month. This is a systemic change in the Metaverse ecosystem.

Both these coins are utility tokens used in the Metaverse ecosystem as currencies and the value of both these tokens are tied to the economic activities in respective metaverse platforms.

To effectively judge the value of these tokens we first need to understand what Metaverse is, what purpose these platforms serve, and the token economics of these platforms.

Another important aspect of the Metaverse is the use of NFTs. What role do NFTs play in the Metaverse?

Watch this youtube video to learn about the #Metaverse and understand the value drivers for #MANA and #SAND tokens.

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