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DogeCoin Listed on Saitama SaitaPro – Doge Coin New ATH Incoming?

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Saitama token is aiming to be the next blue chip cryptocurrency. The project has seen many groundbreaking utilities (use cases) released recently- specifically, the long awaited SaitaPro mobile app and Saitaswap online application that enables users to “swap” and purchase crypto with a Debit or Credit card directly from within SaitaPro.

We dive into the details around the listing of DogeCoin (Doge Coin) on SaitaPro and SaitaSwap.

This video is NOT financial advice and is made for entertainment and information purposes only. Investing in any asset involves risk and your own due diligence is required. Never Invest more than you’re willing to lose. The view points on this channel are of my own non-professional opinion and do not constitute financial advice.
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