Genopets (GENE)

Genopets XP

What is XP?

XP, or experience points, are a state in a Genopet’s non-fungible token metadata that increases through your grinding efforts, taking steps every day. Once you get enough XP, you can upgrade your Genopet.
Genopets converts your real-life movement into XP to progress in-game.
Use your XP to customize, evolve, and prepare your Genopet for battle. Once you’ve leveled up your Genopet, you can choose to sell it in a marketplace and use some of those earnings towards your first habitat to evolve faster and earn more with an even better Genopet next time.
XP, or experience points, are the unit of measurement that you will be using to track your in-game progress and the growth of your Genopet NFT. Genopets uses the step data from your smartphone or fitness wearable to reward you for each step you take in the real world with in-game features and abilities such as story advancement, aesthetic customizations, performance upgrades, and, of course, the evolution of your Genopet.
As you earn XP, your Genopet will level up. Each time it levels up, you will unlock new features and abilities that bring you one step closer to reaching the next stage of your Genopet NFT’s evolution and the glory of its metamorphosis. In addition, all players will receive one free daily XP Boost.

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