Gods Unchained (GODS)

Gods Unchained – Control Magic Vs Zombie Death – The Wipeout

Hi everyone!!! I have been offline for some time and did not manage to make any content (needed some time off screens). In this video I am trying the latest control magic in the meta with Moramag. First time that I was playing this type of deck and made a couple of mistakes that did not cost in the end. This was a nice comeback overall with also missing to see that I had exact lethal on the last turn and played a bit more unnecessarily. In general I will play with this deck a bit more as I feel I am misplaying it and don’t have a good win rate. I am open to suggestions. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks to leave a like if you do. Cheers!

The Deck: https://gudecks.com/decks/GU_1_4_KAgKAgKAmKAmKApKApKAqKAqKDpCANCANCAlCAlCBjCBjCBmCBmCEkCEkCEmCFiCFiGCYIBDIBDIBSIBSIBnIBsIBs?godPowers=100127&creator=AbbathGR&userId=3973&archetype=Control%20Magic
Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5nKNztBFHs

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