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How To Stake MEMO Token Into Fantom Network To Earn 2 EXTRA PASSIVE INCOMES 🤑

# Update i regret staking in morpheuse swap
Here is the update video:

This staking method will not impact your rebase rewards from Wonderland.

00:00 – Intro
04:05 – How to stake wmemo into morpheus defi? step by step guide
04:10 – How To Set Up The Fantom Wallet In MetaMask?
06:51 – How to wrap MEMO Token?
08:26 – How To Cross Chain WMEMO Fom AVAX To Fantom?
11:40 – How To Stake WMEMO In MORPHEUSE DEFI?

Use this website to wrapp your MEMO:

Use this website to cross chain your wmemo from AVAX to FANTOM:

use this website to stake your wmemo on fantom:

To import the wmemo to the fantom wallet, use this address:


Wonderland discord invite:

Spirit swap to apply for free fantom tokens to cover ur gas:

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