Genopets (GENE)

How to start earning in Genopets!

Hello! I’m back with a short guide for a new NFT game that I’m playing!

I struggled to understand how the linking of my app, and wallet works when I first started so I made this video shows you how to successfully link everything you need for the game.

Hope you find this useful!

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Genopets App Download: (ios) (android)

0:00 Intro
0:20 How to register a Genopets account
1:10 Genopets App Download
1:37 How to create a Phantom Wallet
3:08 Where to find your Phantom Wallet address
3:13 How to create a Solflare Wallet
4:03 Where to find your Solflare Wallet address
4:07 How to bank in your steps (change your steps into energy)
4:33 How to Harvest the energy into KI
6:12 Claiming your KI
6:37 Outro

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