Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium Staking V2; ILV or sILV2

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Illuvium is Pokémon like game built on the blockchain that gives real ownership to the players.
Not only will this game be fun to play, but there will be ways to earn real money.
The best part is if you ever decide you are done playing this game, all your invest time will not go to waste. You’ll be able to sell off your in game assets to fund your next game.

Check out my video “Can You Make A Living Wage With Illuvium Gameplay” to learn more about earning potential!

Scholarship Applications found here! (Axie, Fancy Birds, Warena, Illuvium)
You will also find a link to my instagram, as well as the official Illuvium website.
A referral link to the DRIP protocol if you’re into passive income.

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