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Is Chainlink Ushering in The Future Trillion Dollar NFT Mania?! HUGE OPPORTUNITY!

Now that the crypto markets are over the jpeg NFT use case, what is the next big thing for the NFT space? Chainlink proposes dynamic NFTs (dNFT) to be the next phase, which will be enabled through the Oracle network of the Chainlink ecosystem. What is a dynamic NFT? A dynamic NFT is an NFT that can change based on external conditions. Change in a dynamic NFT often refers to changes in the NFT’s metadata triggered by a smart contract. This is done by encoding automatic changes within the NFT smart contract, which provides instructions to the underlying NFT regarding when and how its metadata should change. We discuss how powerful this new utility-focused model for NFTs will be and what the chances of market-wide adoption are. What does this mean for the future value of Chainlink? Will dynamic NFTs be the next market mania giving speculative investors a huge opportunity to invest early into projects who can leverage and lead this technology into the next NFT craze? Check out the video to see us discuss all of this and more.

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00:00:00 – What’s next for NFTs?
00:02:24 – First mover of the last Bull Cycle
00:03:17 – Dynamic NFT Twitter Thread
00:05:20 – What does Chainlink do?
00:08:47 – But we’ve already had dynamic NFT for years right?
00:10:48 – Chainlink blog post on dynamic NFTs
00:11:20 – What are Chainlink Keepers?
00:16:56 – Let us know what you think of the dynamic NFT

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