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Is Ethereum Classic ETC the Next BEST Coin to Mine after Ethereum 2.0?!

Ethereum (ETH) is set to move away from Proof of Work mining in less than two months! Ethereum Classic (ETC) will remain mineable, does that mean it could be the next big crypto? Let’s find out! Subscribe to VoskCoin on YouTube!

Once Ethereum moves to Ethereum 2.0 Proof of Stake, it will no longer be mineable. ETH current has an average daily revenue or $20M, but what does that mean for all of the ETH miners? Many suspect that Ethereum Classic (ETC) will become the next best mineable coin once the Merge takes place – but is that possible? Should you mine ETC in hopes of the surge to come betting against ETH 2.0’s success? Is GPU mining ruined because of the change? Let’s look at some data, who is backing this coin, and whether or not it can stand against the behemoth that is Ethereum mining.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is Ethereum Classic a good coin to mine?
01:36 AntPool invests $10m into Ethereum Classic
03:05 Bitmain pushing sales of ETC miners?
04:59 ETC Mining revenue
06:41 Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic
07:49 What happens when ETH mining stops?
09:21 Vitalik Buterin vs Charles Hoskinson
13:30 Should Ethereum Classic re-brand?
15:23 Should you mine ETC?

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