MonkeyBall (MBS)

Is MonkeyBall Worth the Hype and Wait?

😞😞😞 UPDATE 12/12/2021 😞😞😞
I have been asked to not share my videos on MonkeyBall discord. I left their channel to avoid accidental posts. From today you’ll find me only at:
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Complications during the KYC process for StarLaunch and later the MonkeyBall team’s decision to halt the token launch have placed a lot of doubt in the minds of many of its avid fans and followers. This video addresses all the issues I personally noticed and experienced in the MonkeyBall community. You will see some super cool exclusive NFT sneak peeks and get my final option. You are free to form your opinion different than mine, but I am trying to be helpful to the community.

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MonkeyBall Survival Guide
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