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DECENTRALAND – $MANA price has been crashing hard! In this video MANA DECENTRALAND Why Price is CRASHING MANA DECENTRALAND Price Prediction 2021 I explain why the price has crashed and also which price levels to expect a recovery from.
Decentraland is a community owned virtual world which leverages the Ethereum blockchain. Each parcel of land exists as a non-fungible LAND token on the Ethereum blockchain.

All items on the Decentraland marketplace are purchased using the MANA token, which is also the de facto in game currency of Decentraland.
Holders of the MANA token can vote on any changes to Decentraland such as content moderation, token economics, and even the building height limit and size of land parcels. I cover the technical side of Mana and also give a future price prediction.

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0:29 MANA Technical Analysis
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