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Matic Polygon | Thunder Lands Gameplay | Polygon Crypto

Matic Polygon | Thunder Lands Gameplay | Polygon Crypto

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Welcome to our Matic Polygon Video!

The Polygon token (MATIC) is layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It was previously known as the Matic network but was later rebranded to Polygon. The Polygon network serves as a multi-chain scaling solution for Ethereum and allows building of multichains on top of Ethereum. It has allowed developers to use the openness of Ethereum together with the ability to deploy on more side chains. The Matic token is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is used as a payment cryptocurrency and for paying transaction fees for utilising the network.

The MATIC token and the Polygon solution has seen a lot of adoption from developers leading to a high appreciation in price the coin.

The MATIC token can also be staked for earning additional rewards.

The Polygon network was developed to offer a cost effective scaling solution for the issues affecting the Ethereum blockchain. Over time, as the number of decentralised applications (dApps) and tokens deployed on the Ethereum blockchain have increased, the network has become slow, congested and riddled with high fees. Developers also face another dilemma- how to ensure cross chain compatibility or interoperability between different blockchains. For example, a developer might want to use some of the features of the Ethereum blockchain while also preferring to use some features of another blockchain such as Binance Smart Chain. A developer would need to deploy his application on both blockchains separately which is time consuming and a tedious process.
However, Polygon provides the ability to ensure bridging or in other word, cross chain support which is very easy. This has made Polygon the preferred solution for developers who wish to utilise the Ethereum blockchain without compromising on multi-chain support. The MATIC token is the native token of the Polygon ecosystem and has become a very popular cryptocurrency. At altcoin reviews, we seek to provide an easy overview of popular altcoins.

Thunder Lands

Project that unites classical gameplay and aspects of innovative blockchain technology.
It is a virtual gaming metaverse set in the dark fantasy genre.

The Thunder Lands are worlds where the ringing gold and cold steel play their part in equal measure. These are worlds where players will have to engage in a never-ending struggle for resources, territorial conquest and political domination, create their own fractions or join the strongest guilds to influence the situation in the Thunder Lands.

Based on play-to-earn mechanics, players will be able to farm resources, stake their NFTs and get TNDR tokens to increase their financial profit from the game.

The Thunder Lands universe provides a unique gaming experience through a combination of traditional meta-game and blockchain mechanics.


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