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More Projects Build On Algorand Since Upgrade.


Algorand recently had an upgrade that may go from fast to super fast. Since then more projects have decided to build on Algorand. Let’s get started.

I am not a financial advisor. I am not an economist.This channel is for entertainment only, not financial advice. I am not affiliated with Algorand ,nor anyone, nor any entity.

Want to donate to the channel? Instead of sending me money, how about helping all ankr holders by sending some ankr coins to the ankr burn wallet? (not financial advice). Yes I know this is an Algo vid.

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My channel is not intended to be financial advice.

Price prediction
Rico Sauve
token coin
ankr 2.0
world cup
Disclosure At the time of this upload I do hold $algo, but not Solana, nor Helium. I am not affiliated with Algorand or any subsidiary of theirs.

I am adding this section only because someone insinuated that I am paid to push some hidden agenda.
I am not an influencer. None of my channels are monetized. I am not paid to make videos. I do not recieve compensation in any form. I am not paid to schill. I do not accept money or any type of kick back, from any entity to schill a project. I am not given any preloaded bags, or pre launch info. If there are commercials on my channel, that is youtube alone making money, not me. I am just a simple, no frills, cell phone youtuber, making videos for entertainment only. If you are looking for someone to promote your coin, there are others who will gladly accept payment to do so. I am not one of those channels

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