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Quail Farming: Harvesting Chicks from the Incubator

After 17 days on the incubator, the chicks are ready to face the world.

Highlights of the video:

The chicks are first segregated according to their color. The brown ones are females, blacks are males, and yellow ones’ gender can’t be determined when they’re young.

The female chicks are transferred to the brooding cages.

Make sure the cages have these:

1. Bulbs, which are their source of heat.

2. Water with their vitamins. Make sure their water source is safe for the small quails by putting clean stones, marbles, or nets (like we did) to make sure they won’t get wet or drown in their waterers. Their water source must be placed a distance away from the bulb so their water won’t get warm.

3. Paper on the floor of their cages.

Once the chicks are transferred to the cages, cover the cages to contain the heat within the cages.

How to check if the temperature’s right inside the brooders:

If the chicks huddle close to the bulb, that means they’re cold and need more heat. Increase the wattage or add another bulb.

If the chicks stay far away from the bulb, on the corners, or near their water source, that means it’s too hot inside the cage. Remove the cover of the cage or decrease the wattage of the bulb.

Ideally, you’ll want the chicks scattered all over the cage. That means the temperature’s just right for them and they’re comfortable enough to drink and eat.

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