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Raising Baby Chicks (from – Preparation and Chick Arrival! (June, 2020)

Hi everyone! We aren’t traveling right now due to the COVID-19 situation, so we have instead come up with some “Staycation” projects, including raising baby chicks! We ordered chicks from and this video covers how we set up our brooder for the baby chicks and how they arrived by mail.

We ordered a total of five baby chicks from
– 1 “Super Blue” Easter Egger (blue eggs)
– 1 “Snowy White” Easter Egger (blue or green eggs)
– 1 Partridge Olive Egger (green eggs)
– 2 Austra Whites (off white/cream eggs)

Here are some of the supplies we bought from Amazon to prepare and set our brooder up:

Save-A-Chick Electrolyte & Vitamin Supplement: />
Heat Plate: />
Feather Skirt for Heat Plate: />
Anti-Roost Cone for Heat Plate (to prevent them from pooping on top of the plate): />
Chick Waterer: />
Chick Feeder (this style helps keep them from scratching the feed onto the ground): />
Chick Starter Feed (we got medicated because of Coccidiosis in our area, but Manna has organic chick starter feed as well): />
Pine Shavings for Chickens: />
Brooder Box – h />
LED Full Spectrum Grow Light: />
Govee Thermometer: />
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