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SGC LED Light Tubes controlled with Aputure Sidus Link App or Wireless DMX – The L | A Firm

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BIG KEY POINT for getting to know SGC LED light tubes: Everyone wants wireless control and boy do we have it here. Three different ways to look at this one guys. First, wireless DMX is built in with a 2.4 Ghz frequency along with using standard profiles so these are easy to sync up and use with all the usual software and hardware out there. Profiles ready to go. You’re good.

Next, there is the commonly known master-slave feature on these too. So what this means is that if you have a 4 tube or 8 tube kit for example, you can actually sync the tubes up without using DMX to create different chase scenes and color effects, etc. A great little trick for quick, simple yet impressive effects.

FINALLY – And this one is important: Bluetooth control with the Aputure Sidus Link App. Yes, you can locally control SGC Prism LED tubes with the Aputure Sidus App. You can create groups and scenes, groups within scenes, or just run one or two tubes along side of any Aputure Bluetooth enabled fixture. Imagine running your Aputure 600D with a group of Prism RGB tubes! Plus the tubes work as part of the Bluetooth mesh network expanding range well beyond the standard 30m.

2.4 Ghz Wifi = + 50m
Bluetooth Mesh = + 30m
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