Sidus Heroes (SIDUS)

SIDUS HEROES – About the token crypto game | Interesting Facts

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Sidus Heroes is a blockbuster MMORPG incorporating NFT and play-to-earn elements. Set in a space metaverse in the distant future when scientific breakthroughs have led to humans merging with technology, the game’s characters belong to different blockchain races and are characterized by each chain’s strongest attributes. Apart from common GameFi staples like battle modes, Sidus Heroes stands out thanks to its intricate political and economic system, with each “blockchain race” having its distinctive features and armies.

Sidus Heroes features an incredibly detailed and precise roadmap that outlines the game’s development over several years. The initial launch version, which is to be released on Jan. 10, 2022, will see a beta version that will be available as a browser game for holders of the NFT heroes NFTs from the Genesis collection.
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