Sidus Heroes (SIDUS)

SIDUS HEROES welcomes you to a GRAND AMA

SIDUS HEROES welcomes you to a GRAND AMA with 10,000 exclusive rewards for viewers! 💎

Watch the AMA session with Dan Khomenko – Secure your own SIDUS Investment Bot – Join the Metaverse without an NFT – Become a co-owner of SIDUS HEROES!🔥

🤖 Craving a Bot? Activate your Notifications!🛎

Game-changing updates for you to witness:
✔️ SIDUS GATES – a game publisher that allows the world’s best game studios to get on board the metaverse.
✔️ The Launching of Apartments – a unique chance to obtain your exclusive property on the SIDUS Central Station via a Dutch auction.
✔️ Investment Bot Giveaway – 10,000 rare NFT Bots to let you join and co-own the metaverse without needing a Hero.
✔️ New NFT Collections – a pass for thousands of new players.
✔️ The Marketplace Module – the official launch of a core economic mechanism based on a Layer 2 solution.
✔️ AMA Session with Dan Khomenko – answers to your burning questions.

⏰ We go live on August 11th at 10:00 AM UTC!

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