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Solana: Should I buy? Is SOL worth it? Detailed study w Price Predictions thru 2030
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Solana Blockchain: Should I buy? Is SOL worth it?
Detailed study w Price Predictions thru 2030

Disclaimer: This is edutainment and not investment advice. Do your own research.

0:00 Intro

0:10 What it Does Solana is a web-scale Layer 1 blockchain that provides fast, secure, scalable, decentralized apps and marketplaces
The system currently supports 65,000 TPS (Transactions per second) and 400ms block times. 700K theoretical limit (HW/BW). NASDAQ is 500K.
Needs more devs
It has 608 validators (ETH 34K)
47 dApps (ETH 3K)

2:00 VISION Anatoly Yakovenko, 15 years engineering wireless protocols @ Qualcomm
Telco background – a small capacity that needs lots of Thruput
Solana Spanish origin meaning “sunlight or eastern wind” and SD Beach
Lightbulb moment in San Francisco
Enter Yakovenko’s big idea “proof of history”
Not to disrupt ETH
Wants to completely disrupt Wall Street and rest of global markets

3:00 Background

3:20 Solana Why Is It So Fast? Combines PoH with PoS consensus
Very low transaction fees
Can theoretically scale to billions of users without the need for sharding
Optimistic concurrency control is employed

4:00 How it Plays
Scaling crypto to the masses
The protocol is designed to scale with Moore’s Law, doubling in capacity every two years with improvements in hardware and bandwidth
In other words, as computers get faster, so will Solana

5:00 Target Industries
Solana focuses on:
Disrupting Wall St
Any other marketplace
Platform that enables developers to build Dapps eg top DeFi Dapps

6:00 Scorecard Ranking

7:00 Benchmark Ranking

8:00 Growth Opportunities
Funding will go toward projects developing on Solana within APAC region
Opp is an open, fair, censorship-resistant global marketplace that’s better than anything inside of the NYSE or any other means of settling trades
AKA global price discovery

9:00 Value Propositions
In the old days: speed, quality or cost. Pick 2
In the blockchain world: scale, security or decentralized. Pick 2
With Solana …

10:00 Value Propositions part II
Cracked the code on the Trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization w these 8!

11:00 Value Propositions part III

12:00 Technology Adoption
Validators (Joint first w Avalanche)
Speed (fastest)
Github engagement
Optimized engineering effort flywheel

13:00 Partners of Note:

14:00 Longevity and Track Record
Solana founded in 2017 – POH Whitepaper
Goal of creating an infinitely scalable blockchain
Recognized as an advanced fourth-generation blockchain
Launched in 2019

15:00 Let’s look at supply:
Max Supply 489 million SOL tokens
Currently 260 million of these have already entered the market
SOL is divisible by 1BN down to a unit called a Lamport
That is 489,000,000,000,000,000 – yup 489 Quadrillion Lamports

16:00 Price Prediction – Token Supply
500 million SOL tokens were initially minted. Of that amount, 12.5% were retained by the founders, 1.6% were sold at auction, 35.4% were allocated to locked investors, 38% were designated as community tokens; and 12.5% are held by the Solana Foundation, which is operated by an independent board in Geneva,

17:00 IA Price Prediction – Token Distribution
6x by year end
20x by 2025
40x by 2030

18:00 Price Prediction Wallet Investor Forecasts 2021-2022
WI says SOL could gain approximately $20 in value every three months.
By December 2021, even its most conservative estimates place Solana SOL at a price of $96.623

18:30 IA Crypto Dominance Model 1% (1.6x from today)
Assumes BTC 40% Dominance
Crypto Market 58% and 2% SOL
Range from $110 to $367

19:00 IA Crypto Dominance Model 2% (3x from today)
Assumes BTC 40% dominance
Crypto market 58% and 2% SOL
Range from $220 – $734

20:00 Different values based on ETH market cap %
Assuming ETH stays at 400BN range is $58 to $288
ETH Model
ETH MKT CAP $392,771,812,166
SOL Circ Supply

21:00 IA Ethereum Market Share Model
Range-based on Share of ETH mkt cap
2025 Range $164 to $822
Range from $482 to $2410 by 2030
IA Ethereum Market Share Model 2021-2030

22:00 Risks
Currently, 270 million and the Max Supply 489 million SOL tokens is there which could dilute the price. My models are based on SOL CIRC 272,637,428 could bring about 45% dilution
The holdings by large %’s of the 489 million SOL tokens ie 12.5% founders, 35.4% to locked investors, and 12.5% are held by the Solana Foundation could be dumped at any time.
They need more developers
They need more Dapps

Avg of 6 Pricing Models (4 are mine)
Avg of My Models
Avg of Avgs

Future is bright if the crypto market cap continues to grow at 24% p.a.
SOL goes from 1/30th of ETH value to a 1/15
Price could go 4x in 2021 up to $1536 by 2030 a 35x
Risks remain /

Want more?
(you know what to do!)
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