Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas, Lets Talk Polis DAO

How is the DAO Structured? How will I be part of governance? Why is it important to be involved? Lets find out

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Polis DAO :

0:00-0:57 Intro
0:58-2:00 Polis DAO Website
2:01-3:08 Medium Post intro
3:09-3:57 Voting Power Levels
3:58-5:44 Star Atlas DAO
5:45-7:15 Faction DAO
7::16-7:59 Regional DAO
8:00-10:59 Polis Locker
11:00-13:00 PIP
13:01-13:44 DAO Treasury
13:45-17:03 Political Game

Snowfall by Scott Buckley |
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Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

The Inspiration by Keys of Moon |
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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