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Star Atlas Town Hall #25

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00:00 – Start of Town Hall
00:30 – The Metaverse Queen w/ metaverse news
06:46 – Kick off of offical town hall
09:18 – Star Atlas DAO updates
10:39 – Global Polish updates
11:13 – Galactic Marketplace Smart Contract
12:13 – CREAM updates
12:39 – Space exploration?
13:46 – Everything is subject to change
14:18 – David Greenbaum – Product Manager Intro
16:40 – Coordinating the broad team
17:43 – 4 phases of development
20:15 – Changing how Roadmap is shared
21:38 – Steven Haddadian – Talent Acquisition – [email protected]
30:40 – Chypto – Product development
31:05 – More on Ship Exploration
32:25 – Updates from Michael
32:43 – New ships! A LOT of new ships
34:23 – Open source SDK updates
35:35 – Ship summoning in the showroom
35:52 – Sperasoft update
37:14 – Writers room – bringing writers to the team expanding past the metaverse
37:48 – unannounced lore project
38:13 – First ship reveal of new round of ships – low price point XXS $15
38:50 – New ships every week!
39:43 – Security tips for the community
41:30 – Regulatory Updates
42:21 – Social updates
46:05 – Q: DAC registration – can we get it on roadmap?
47:03 – DAC governance token and NFT’s!
47:40 – Q: Can you have a phased DAC registration system?
49:23 – Q: Guidance on the use of SA IP in Guild Lore.
51:38 – Q: Any changes to timeline for Score v1?
53:35 – Q: Further clarification on POLIS dao security issues?
56:14 – Q: What are the mechanics of wallet approvals for winning / losing items?
1:02:47 – Q: Will Star Atlas support 3rd party employment and education opportunities.
1:06:33 – Closing thoughts from Michael Wagner – CEO Star Atlas

The Metaverse Nomads are not affiliated with Star Atlas. The views shared by the Metaverse Nomads are not financial advice, please do your own research and due diligence before investing in any project. The Metaverse Nomads Podcast is for entertainment purposes only.
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