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The Artsy Chicks – Help us tour 2014

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Starting June 16th The Artsy Chicks will start their first national tour. The tour is three weeks long and will take us from Montreal to Edmonton and back, and we need your help! To see a complete list of tour dates please see below.

Why a tour?

We are all big supports of live music. Ever since The Artsy Chicks formed in 2013, the goal of the band has been to explore musical expression through improvisation and experimentation. We feel the best way to experience our music is through live performance, and we want to share that with people all over Canada. For links and descriptions of our music please see below.

During the past year we’ve been busy playing, and recording the first 2 records. We feel it’s time to take the music on the road, and your contributions will help us move forward.

Why 6000$?

We have always maintained a DIY approach to this project and we brought it as far as we could. With band funds and personal saving we recorded both of our albums, put together a studio, and bought our own tour van last fall. Now we are at a point where we need your help to go further. To get from Montreal to Edmonton we will need 3000$ for gas, 1000$ for food for the five of us, 1000$ for lodging, 300$ for equipment insurance, and 700$ for shipping costs, rewards and perks for you.

The music:

Our first album “Kwoto Zeetrus” was recorded at our studio (The Aesthetic Sauna). It contains music that blends the spontaneity and excitement of improvisation, with the drama and motion of composition. It is a record that falls between genres and defines conventions. All tracks were captured live and contain no overdubs or edits.

The second album (self titled) was also recorded at The Aesthetic Sauna. It will be released on June 10th. In this record, The Artsy Chicks explore their deep love for the classic surf sound. Drawing inspiration from rock, jazz, surf and 60s 70s art pop, this album is a collection of hard hitting guitar riffs, and quirky melodies that will be stuck in your head for days.
(for samples of the music see below.)

Tour dates:

June 18th – Windsor (Common ground Art Gallery)
June 19th – London (Vibra Fusion Lab ***with special guest the Nihilist Spams Band***)
June 20th – Hamilton (HAVN gallery)
June 21st – Toronto (Array Music)
June 25th – Winnipeg (The Handsome Daughter)
June 26th – Regina (The German club)
June 27th – Calgary (Vern’s)
June 28th – Edmonton (T.B.A.)
June 29th – Edmonton (Wunderbar)
June 30th – Saskatoon (Vangelis Tavern)
July 1st- Winnipeg (T.B.A.)
July 4th – Barrie (Double Door Barn)
July 5th – Toronto (T.B.A.)
July 6th – Montreal (T.B.A)

Kwoto Zeetrus Album:

The Artsy Chicks (2nd album samples)



The Artsy Chicks are:

Juan Cruz Fernandez
Mario Lombardi
Corey Tardiff
Zachary Scholes
Dominic Caterina

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