The Sandbox (SAND)

What is The SANDbox ALPHA PASS | December 2021 Rundown | Earn 1000 SAND + 3 NFTs

Overview of the SANDbox Alpha Pass.
What is it? When is it? What do you get access to? Why is Sandbox giving away 1000 SAND? Ends December 20th, 2021

0:00 – Intro
3:00 – Alpha Details
4:00 – $SAND Price Discussion
6:37 – Registering For Alpha Raffle
7:50 – Play to Earn!
11:22 – Possible Rewards
13:19 – Disclaimer, Do Your Own Research!

Planning to Buy Land?
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Using SANDbox Games Templates:
Official SandBox How-To:
Official SandBox Staking Page (As of July 2021):

Hardware Wallet (LEDGER): />Sandbox Secondary Market:
Gas Tracker:
Gas Charts:
How Liquidity Pools Work: />============================================================

My Name Is Dane. I have a burning desire to explore and learn everything I can around the crypto space. I invest money that I can stand to lose into the crypto/blockchain/NFT market with the intention to create long-term wealth through holding and exploring ways to earn residual incomes. I have a passion for sharing my experiences, opinions and feel that everyone should have at a minimum some financial knowledge and education (which should be taught to us all from a younger age!). I am not a financial advisor and do not offer financial advice.
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