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Why You Should Own 500 Algorand Tokens – ALGO Algorand Cryptocurrency

Why You Should Own 500 Algorand Tokens – ALGO Algorand Cryptocurrency

Hello Guys! Welcome back to the Crypto diary.

In today’s video we’ll discuss Why you should buy 500 Algorand Tokens
Right Now!, and the factors why Algorand shows such great promise.

So, over the last few weeks we’ve seen VCs and community treasuries
allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to smart contract
cryptocurrencies in a bid to expand their ecosystems.

Now, one of these smart contract cryptos is algorand and Algorand has
also been planning significant partnerships as well and that created
some buzz in the market.

If you have seen the price charts you might be wondering why these
Investors are investing in a coin that hasn’t even crossed it’s ATH that it
touched on its launch.

Well, Investors can see the promise that a project shows ahead before it
bursts towards success.

So let’s try to Understand those factors, Alogrand and the Pillars of the
project on which it stands.

About: (0:00)
What’s Algorand Project?: (0:56)
Connection with Ethereum: (2:08)
Alogrand Solves: (3:09)
Algorand Foundation: (3:36)
Algorand Community: (7:13)
Conclusion: (8:27)

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