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Why You Should Own At Least 10,000 VeChain Tokens – VET VeChain Cyptocurrency

Why You Should Own At Least 10,000 VeChain Tokens – VET VeChain Cyptocurrency

After this video, you will learn well-researched reasons why you should own at least 10,000 VET now!

For starters, VeChain is a good crypto to buy because of its current low price even though it boasts of having a viable Blockchain platform. It focuses on corporate supply logistics to improve supply chain management. As a real-life use, several large enterprises now adopt VeChain for inventory tracking reasons. VeChain’s market niche might be larger than we think. A 2020 research reveals that by 2027 $300 billion worth of food would likely be tracked and traced on the Blockchain. Already, Walmart and IBM have struck a partnership with 9 other food companies and they’ve created the Food Trust Blockchain to track food supplies. VeChain has a proof-of-authority protocol model and it’s already turning heads in the crypto landscape.

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What VeChain is all about?: (0:00)
VeChain strong background: (2:56)
How VeChain Works?: (4:00)
Huge upcoming projects: (6:17)
VeChain News!: (8:27)
BTC affect on VET: (9:15)
VeChain Price Prediction: (10:12)
Why Buy VET: (10:59)

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